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Updated 2021-02-03


Puppies expected at Easten

IPG 3, BSL 3,BH, MH, Korad, Cert & BIR show
Cape Secure Conquerior "Lupo"
Hd A, ED Ua, Öga Ua, vWD fri, 24 h holter & ultraljud Ua 13/1 2021, dillution fri

mated 3/2 2021

BH, MH, Korad 559 p.
Dobfancier's Drizta
Hd B, vWD fri,
24 h holter & ultraljud Ua 12/1 2021, dominat svart, dillution fri

Torbjörn Eriksson & Laine Löfman
Tele: 070-5565885, 070-5579557

Dobfancier's Drizta

Information to you who want to by a puppy or a dog.

Our breeding is specialiced for working qualities and therefore we make great demands upon those who want to by puppy or dog.

Our puppies are from parents who
- follow the Swedish Kennelclub rekommendations about dogs for breeding
- follow the Swedish Dobermannclub rekommendations about dogs for breeding
- have their hip's x-rayed free
- have their eyes free from PHTVL/PHTV.
- have doned carecter test.
- have well doned working results.

The puppies will be sold
- registrated in the Swedish Kennel club (associated to FCI)
- with the Swedish Kennelclub byers contract
- dewormed
- Id-marked or chip-marked
- the eyes controlled
- vaccinated against parvovirus
- maximum 7 days old certificat from veterinarian control
- assured untill 10 weeks and possibility to refrechment without qualifying period

If you by a dog from us, we expect this from you
- that the dog will be vaccinated as the Kennel clubs recommendations
- that the dog vill be assured
- that the dog will x-ray the hips as soon as possible after one year
- take the dog to caracter test, in Sweden MH and korning as soon as possible
- to train/compete with the dog or use it in work

When you contact us we notice your interest for a puppy. When the puppies are born and we know more about the sex, colour etc. at the litter we try to coose puppy fore your interests.

Sometimes we get dogs back or don't think that we have the right byer for the puppy. Then we choose to keep the puppy until we get in contact with a byer that fits the puppy. We have kept puppies until 20 mounth. Those dogs will be x-rayed by hip's and make different caracter tests (some dogs do test as police/guard dogs). Therefore we sometimes have older dog aviable.

If you are going to be an activ dogowner, you can contact us by phone (we prefer phone calls) so we can get each other further information.

We look forward to hear from you
Laine Löfman & Torbjörn Eriksson
Tele: +46 70 5565885, +46 70 5579557